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How to know the best websites to fill out online paid survey

When you want to start filling out an online paid survey on the Internet, there are some things that you should look out for. These factors are what the best websites to fill out online paid survey should have. Some of the factors are discussed subsequently.


The first thing you want to make sure is that the online paid survey platform is reliable. You do not want a situation where you would have filled surveys for several days costing you some hours on each day, only to find out that the survey platform is a hoax. To avoid this, you should see paid online surveys online on BritainReviews to know what other people that have used the online survey platform is saying about them.

From the reviews that others who have used their services have left, you will know if the platform is the right one or not.

A continuous flow of surveys

Another factor you want to consider when looking for the best online paid survey platforms is how frequently they have a survey to fill. Do they sometimes go a week or a month without a singular paid survey available for filling or do they normally have at least 3 surveys to be filled daily? The more surveys are available to be filled, the better for you. It will be better for the platform to have much more survey than you can fill than much less. When they have much more survey than you can fill, you could be motivated to work faster and harder so that you can earn more. However, you should be careful not to make mistakes or skip questions because you are in a hurry to complete a survey and move to the next one. You could be disqualified by the platform or your payment withheld if you are careless with filling surveys.

A low minimum withdrawal limit

The right online paid survey platform should have a low minimum withdrawal limit. This is considering that you might just have enough time to work for 10 GBP weekly. You shouldn’t be forced to have up to 100 GBP in your account before you can withdraw. Hence, the lower the withdrawal limit, the easier it will be to access your earnings.

Several withdrawal options

It is also important for the right survey platform to have several withdrawal options. This way, it will be easier for you to withdraw your money. You won’t be forced to open a new account just because of a particular survey platform when you already have other options you use for receiving online payments. Hence, the right survey platforms should be able to allow you to withdraw to your UK bank account as well as most or all of the withdrawal options that are available to people in the UK.

Free to register

In most cases, the best online paid survey platforms allow you to register for free. Since you are registering to work, they should be more interested in your being able to work and get paid as opposed to wanting to get money from you first. Hence, once you are asked to pay before you can fully register or start filling surveys, it might just be a red flag that you should stay away from that survey platform.

Fast payout process

After withdrawing your money, how quickly the money gets to your account so you can start spending it is important. There is no payout sweeter than getting the money in your account in less than 5 seconds after withdrawing. When that is not possible, it should be within the shortest possible time.