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Criminals Target Gaming Sites: Compare Merchant Services

Digital technology has revolutionized the way modern businesses are run. However, it’s also opened up doors for huge opportunities for scam artists. This article is about the gaming industry’s opportunities that online criminals are interested in. Also, it’s about a reputable payments-processor comparison expert in the UK that can help you compare merchant services to find the best deal for your business.

Protect Your Gaming Business: Compare Merchant Services

The number of UK companies having been attached by cybercriminals is on the rise, according to research from Hiscox, a leading insurance company. The research shows that the average cost of an attack in the UK was lower as compared to the average at $243.000, compared with $906.000 in Germany and with $486.000 in Belgium.

Based on a recent study by eSentire, a computer- and network-security company, cyberattacks in the UK jumped exponentially during 2018. The study shows that Britain witnessed 140{3188573cec2259d88acda196cb78a7740739f36c2ba8f911cae1448306cd6506} more cyberattacks as compared to 2018.

When it comes to payment fraud, according to the annual fraud report “Fraud the Facts 2019” by UK Finance, authorised push-payment fraud grew by 44{3188573cec2259d88acda196cb78a7740739f36c2ba8f911cae1448306cd6506} this year.

Finally, the gaming industry. Cybercriminals are focused on the gaming industry because it’s quite lucrative for them; they’re able to gain a quick profit here. The new report from Akamai Technologies, the gaming industry is currently among the top targets for criminals.

By the way, accounts connected to valid credit cards are more valuable for attackers. The thing is that by hacking the account, criminals are able to buy in-game items, such as currency, used while playing.

With all that being said, it’s extremely important to use the most advanced fraud-prevention and chargeback-mitigation services to protect your online transactions successfully. You can do this easily by working with a reputable merchant-services comparison company in the UK.

With a true payments expert that’s focused on terms, complaints, and integration, you can compare merchant services and discover the right credit-card processor for your business.

Gaming Websites as Top Targets for Attackers

The gaming industry is fast becoming a major target for criminals using credential-stuffing attacks. Besides, it’s among the most profitable targets for hackers looking to raise quick revenue.

The report by Akamai reveals that about 67{3188573cec2259d88acda196cb78a7740739f36c2ba8f911cae1448306cd6506} of credential-stuffing attacks are associated with companies based in the US. Russia is the 2nd biggest source of application attacks. China is the 4th highest source country. The UK is the 2nd most targeted country with other countries including Japan, Canada, Australia, and Italy.

By the way, SQLi attacks are still on the rise as an attack vector. They reached their peak during the 2018 holiday-shopping season. In Q1 of 2017, SQLi attacks made up 44{3188573cec2259d88acda196cb78a7740739f36c2ba8f911cae1448306cd6506} of all application-layer attacks. These are a type of attacks that can provide complete control over your web-application database by inserting an arbitrary SQL code into a database query.

To sum up, criminals, who’re becoming smarter and smarter, are now focused on the gaming industry. They consider the gaming websites as a great source of quick profit.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners compare merchant services to save money and time.