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8 Pros and Cons of Flat Roof Houses

Flat roofs are a popular choice for those who want to have a home with a minimalist look. However, before choosing a flat roof, let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of this one roof. For the best roofing service, you can get it from Roofing company Moore, OK.

The roof is a protective part that can protect the contents of the house. The roof can also display the appearance or architectural style of a dwelling. For example, a flat roof can make a house look more modern.

Apart from its advantages in giving a minimalist impression to the house, a flat roof also has various disadvantages. Come on, find out what are the advantages and also the disadvantages of a flat roof before building a roof.

The advantages of flat roof houses

1. The house looks more modern

The flat roof has a simple appearance, so it is very suitable for use in homes with modern and minimalist nuances. The box-shaped house will look even more beautiful when using this one roof. In addition, you can hire Siding contractor Moore, OK to beautify the exterior of your house so that people will be amazed by your house.

2. Can be transformed into a roof terrace

This roof can add an open space in the house that can be turned into a terrace. Save comfortable furniture such as soft chairs or tables on the roof, so that this area can be used as a place to chat with family or guests. In addition, you can also use the roof as a place for drying clothes.

3. Roof Construction Easier

Because of its flat shape, the roof construction process on this one will be much easier to run than other types of roofs. The sloping roof requires a lot of material and construction is more difficult because of the large number of building processes. Meanwhile, a sloping roof will be easier to build because of its simple shape and less material required.

4. Less Material Required Than Conventional Roofs

You don’t need tiles or wooden frames to make this one roof. This little material makes the cost of making the roof much cheaper.

Disadvantages of Flat Roof Houses

1. The emergence of puddles on the roof when it rains hard

Almost no degree of slope causes water to stagnate in the roof area. This can make the roof prone to leaks. As a solution, you have to make a proper drainage system before making a roof with this one shape.

2. Considerable Maintenance Costs

Because the roof is more prone and prone to leaks, a large amount of money is needed for the maintenance of this one roof. Homeowners must check the condition of the roof regularly and repair it to avoid leaks.

3. Prone to strong winds

A house with a sloping roof has an aerodynamic shape, making it stronger against strong winds. In contrast to sloping roofs, flat roofs are more prone to collapse if blown by strong winds. There is a possibility that the roof will be knocked off the frame due to the non-aerodynamic design.

4. Great Potential for Collapse

If you have a wide house, this roof is not a suitable roof form for use in your home. The wider the flat roof, the less stable the roof will be. A sloping roof that is made wide will face problems such as the load being accommodated will spread over the entire roof surface. This will cause problems during high-intensity rain or earthquakes. In fact, according to research, the houses with the most collapse or damage due to storms are houses with flat roofs.